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During the past few years, many Afghan businessmen have returned to the country to help in the rebuilding of its economy brought down by years of conflict. More foreign investors have also established operations in Afghanistan to benefit from the country’s rapidly growing economy.
Our active contribution in the reconstruction of our country stems from our deep commitment to bring back the beauty and grace of Afghanistan. We are also aggressively transforming our country as a modern state in the years to come.
Our strong financial credentials have brought us to the forefront of building long-term partnerships with our customers by offering them a full range of construction services.
We hire the best and most talented local and foreign engineers to ensure that we are implementing the global criteria in the construction industry. We utilize the most advanced and new technologies for construction which have never been used in Afghanistan and we also provide a safe and progressive working environment for our workers.
The challenges ahead of us are tough but we will not falter in our commitment to build a better and brighter future for Afghanistan.


Drawing on a solid reputation for market excellence and a strong focus on quality and innovative leadership in the construction industry, Onyx Construction is set to build a better and brighter future for Afghanistan guided by the following core values:

  • Investing for the Future – Onyx Construction provides top quality constructions implementing global standards that will enrich lives and enhance businesses;
  • Creating Lifestyle – With a vision to transform the way people live and an attitude that rejects any shortcuts to quality, every project of Onyx Construction is a testimony to its dedication to perfection.
  • Building Trust – Onyx Construction builds on its role as a responsible corporate citizen by striving to achieve a lasting place in the hearts of its clients.



  • To realize world-class standards, Onyx Construction Company shall continuously adhere to long-held corporate values of hard work, integrity, innovation and safety.
  • To deliver quality work, Onyx Construction will always do the job right and continually strive to improve its performance.
  • To grow as a reputable company, Onyx Construction will always adhere to the highest standards of business ethics and implement a culture of safety.
  • To meet the ever-changing needs of its customers, Onyx Construction Company will lead by continuously innovating its services.


  • We envision Onyx Construction as a world class construction company that constantly innovates to provide unsurpassed engineering and construction services to its customers.

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